Fire Support Command and Control


Fire Support Command and Control (FSC2) enables commanders to destroy, defeat or disrupt the enemy with integrated fires in order to allow the Army to win in a complex world.  FSC2 provides the ability to integrate and target lethal and non-lethal fires and effects across the battlefield while providing the capability to visualize effects, increase situational awareness, and facilitate collaboration among commanders and fires staff elements. FSC2 systems furnish the seamless digital sensor-to-shooter linkage that allow the Field Artillery force to effectively execute all domains of Fire Support, Fire Direction, and Fire Control.

FSC2 provides the U.S. Army, joint and coalition commanders with the capability to plan, execute and deliver both lethal and non-lethal fires. Many FSC2 capabilities are transitioning to web-based apps that can be accessed via a secure internet as part of the Army’s Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE). The CP CE is consolidating and simplifying the separate capabilities commanders use for missions related to all of the warfighting functions and will provide the commander with a consolidated readiness picture on a singular workstation, lessen the logistics trail for the Soldier, reduce the training burden and save taxpayer dollars.

Last Updated: March 6, 2017

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