Tactical Mission Command


Tactical Mission Command (TMC) develops, integrates, fields and supports the Army’s core mission command collaborative environment and maneuver applications to enable operating force commanders to make timely and effective decisions and more effectively exercise command and control of their forces. TMC will provide these capabilities through the development of the Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE).  TMC is developing the CP CE based on a based on a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product currently used by more than 20 nations.

The CP CE is a common, scalable, integrated, Mission Command architecture and infrastructure under the Common Operating Environment (COE) initiative that will consolidate and simplify the separate systems and capabilities commanders now use for fires, logistics, intelligence, airspace management, and maneuver into a single computing environment.  The CP CE will improve interoperability, reduce costs, and reduce development and deployment timelines.  The primary goal is to simplify hardware and software infrastructures for Command Posts from Battalion to Corps and Army level. CP CE This effort will provide the commander and his staff with a unified operational view on a single workstation, providing three-dimensional views on a digitized map for operational and intelligence awareness for ground and air reporting, field artillery commands, logistics, alerts and incident reporting. This commonality will enable the commander to achieve better situational awareness with a more complete and unified common operational picture, and also provide the ability to trace information back to its source to facilitate understanding and decision-making.   It will also reduce the support and logistics tail, reduce the Soldier’s training burden and save taxpayer dollars.

The CP CE will also enable development of future mission command applications that can leverage the CP CE underlying infrastructure, core utilities, and user interface.


  • The CP CE Common Information Services (CIS) enables distinct warfighting function systems/services to share a common set of data and services and coordinates information distribution, increasing efficiency, and enabling enhanced functionality.
  • The core utilities will provide a simple, intuitive COP, significantly reducing training burden and improving information availability, thereby enhancing commanders’ decision making. Core utilities improve situational awareness across the command post and mounted environments.
  • TMC is developing a suite of applications designed specifically to support warfighting functions. These applications will leverage the common infrastructure and services and will result in a simpler, more intuitive user interface.
  • Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSI) replaces the current disparate server hardware by merging all operational and intelligence functions onto one common set of servers. TSI enables more server capability and delivers a consistent approach for installation and configuration, creating efficiencies in fielding, training and sustainment.


Last Updated: January 25, 2016