Tactical Mission Command


Tactical Mission Command (TMC) develops, integrates, fields, and supports the Army’s core mission command collaborative environment and maneuver applications to enable operating force commanders to make timely and effective decisions. Tactical Mission Command will provide enduring capabilities in support of the Army’s vision for a Command Post Computing Environment under the Common Operating Environment (COE).


TMC is a suite of products and services that provide commanders and staffs executive decision making in a collaborative environment, planning tools, common operational picture management, information and knowledge management, and other maneuver functional tools. Many TMC capabilities are transitioning to web-based widgets that can be accessed via a secure internet as part of the Army’s Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE). The CP CE is consolidating and simplifying the separate capabilities commanders use for missions related to all of the warfighting functions and will provide the commander with a consolidated readiness picture on a singular workstation, lessen the logistics trail for the Soldier, reduce the training burden and save taxpayer dollars.


  • Command Web provides modular software widgets served up over the web. Improved supportability and ease of use in robust network environments.
  • Command Post of the Future (CPOF) is the commander’s situational awareness and decision support tool for
    company and above. Integrates data feeds from other Army, Joint, and Coalition systems into an operating picture that is tailorable by users to meet their particular needs.
  • Common Tactical Vision (CTV) is an intuitive touch screen situational awareness viewer with digital video recorder (DVR) playback capabilities that provides Common Operational Picture (COP) data.
  • Battle Command Sustainment Support System (BCS3) provides supply visibility, logistics reporting, convoy
    tracking and alert reporting capabilities; includes the Logistics Reporting Tool (LRT), In-transit Visibility (ITV), Asset Visibility (AV) and Log View web-apps.
  • Battle Command Sustainment Support System – Node- Management (BCS3-NM) provides web-based distribution management that integrates  joint ITV and AV data sources focused on supply storage and
    distribution nodes.

Last Updated: August 13, 2015