Key Management


Key Management (KM) develops, procures, tests, fields, and sustains the AKMI program, which automates the functions of COMSEC key management, control, and distribution from the Enterprise down to the tactical edge.

Under the umbrella of the National Security Agency (NSA) PM Key Management Infrastructure (KMI), the Army KMI provides users from the Enterprise down to tactical units with an organic key generation capability and an efficient, secure, electronic key distribution means. AKMI provides a system for distribution of COMSEC, electronic protection and SOI information from the planning level to the point of use in support of current, interim and objective force at division and brigade levels. It introduces capabilities and processes to transform operations from manual to secure automated distribution of keys and firmware directly to IA devices and Secure High-assurance Interoperable Encrypting Link Device (SHIELD) formerly known as End Cryptographic Unit (ECU).


  • MGC: Automates COMSEC management/accounting; electronically generates/ distributes keys; and reduces hardcopy files use.
  • ACES/JACS: Provides Crypto network planning; generates SOI data; creates COMSEC key tags; supports emerging requirements.
  • SKL: Loads keys into SHIELD; small and ruggedized design allows easy key transfer; interface between LCMS/MGC (Key Generation), ACES and SHIELD.

Last Updated: March 6, 2017