MilTEch Solutions


MilTech Solutions supports the Department of Defense's (DoD) initiatives with integrated, collaborative solutions to inspire actions across a synchronized workforce. MilTech Solutions develops, adapts and implements dynamic tools to optimize the human and technological potential of the Department of Defense.


MilTech provides collaborative technology solutions that connect the DoD community and closes the gap between tactical and enterprise Information Technology (IT). Through these web-based IT capabilities, MilTech ensures support to the warfighter is rapid, unified and productive. MilTech uses a customer-funded consortium approach to efficiently support the Army’s Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) community and other DoD organizations. This model allows partnered organizations to pool resources and co-invest in technologies, reducing each member’s individual costs. MilTech helps customers adapt IT and knowledge management solutions to address critical organizational challenges.


milSuite is a collection of secure, online tools and applications that focus on improving collaboration and social networking behind the DoD firewall. Through milSuite, the DoD community can access a growing repository of the military’s thousands of organizations, people and systems. milSuite includes social media tools: milBook, milWiki, milWire, milTube and Eureka.

Single Interface to the Field (SIF) is a 24/7 virtual portal that provides informational awareness to field support personnel using mission command systems. Through the SIF, Soldiers gain access to mission-essential logistics, training and fielding information. Serving as a single point of reach-back, Soldiers can also obtain support for any system managed by C4ISR organizations.

Unified Trouble Ticketing System (UTTS) is a seamless online reporting form that is accessed through an Army unit’s SharePoint system to create a single automated trouble ticket. UTTS ensures a trouble ticket is managed at the most effective level of field support for any C4ISR product.

Knowledge Management Consortium is a collection of tools funded by an innovative cost-sharing model that enables partnered organizations to pool resources and co-invest in technologies while reducing each member’s individual costs. The consortium, which consists of nine organizations, uses its shared investment model to direct one of the Army’s largest SharePoint collections, comprising of more than 70,000 users on 2,000 SharePoint site collections.  Additional capabilities available via this consortium model include (but are not limited to):

    • Manpower Information Retrieval and Reporting System (MIRARS) is a real-time, custom personnel tracking application and emergency notification system utilized to send crucial emergency notifications to their personnel.
    • Green Force Tracker, the Army’s implementation of IBM Sametime, provides secure, instant messaging, either via one-on-one chats or group chats.
    • Business Intelligence and Decision Support, providing improved decision-making through the use of dashboards and business intelligence tools.  These tools connect multiple data sources for better data transparency and discovery.

Last Updated: August 13, 2015