To establish and administer an equitable and consistent process through which PEO C3T can become aware of relevant and innovative products or services in the interest of leveraging those products or services for the benefit of the Soldier.

What is TILO?

To ensure fairness in allowing equal access to PEO C3T to all competitors, the Technical Industrial Liaison Office (TILO) is the PEO C3T single point of entry for industry vendors seeking consideration for their products and services within PEO C3T and subordinate organizations. This office will conduct a high level screening of such unsolicited industry inquiries to determine the appropriate path for handling based on technical relevance to the PEO C3T mission, feasibility (especially in terms of contract opportunities and resources available) and merit in terms of innovativeness relative to current PEO C3T products and their development. Products deemed to meet these criteria will filter through the TILO and be referred to Project Managers/Project Directors/Product Managers and/or office chiefs for further consideration.