Army portable and interoperable waveforms provide mobile and ad hoc networking and network enterprise services to enhance tactical warfighting capabilities. Waveforms enable the Army’s tactical data radios to transmit voice and data across the battlespace.

Waveforms is responsible for sustaining, testing and improving the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW), Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) Crypto Modernization and Enterprise Over the Air Management (eOTAM). By drawing on available spectrum, waveforms provide secure wireless networking services for mobile and stationary forces to transmit information, including voice, data, images and video. The waveforms are Internet Protocol (IP) based, so they can interoperate with other IP based networks, which allows Soldiers to connect to other networks outside their range. Each waveform undergoes a rigorous process to become National Security Agency (NSA) certified, which provides Soldiers with secure and encrypted information.


Soldier Radio Waveform

  • The SRW, which is used by individual Soldiers, small units and very small sensors enables communication without a infrastructure such as a cell tower or satellite network.
  • The SRW provides critical tactical edge connectivity through Combat Net Radio (CNR) Voice and Position Location Information, as well as mission command applications to dismounted units and disadvantaged users at the lower tier – battalion and below.
  • By connecting via gateways to the mid-tier backbone, the SRW extends the range of communications.
  • The SRW’s CNR voice preemption feature allows commanders and other leaders with higher authority to actively pre-empt an active talker with lower authority on the same group call. This enables critical information to be conveyed more quickly.
  • The SRW’s duplicate node detection Identification (ID) warns users when a duplicate ID had been configured in the network, decreasing network planning related issues.
  • The SRW has been fielded to thousands of Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit: Manpack and Rifleman Radios.

Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

  • The SINCGARS provides secure, point-to-point VHF CNR that has the capability of handling both voice and data transmission in support of command and control operations.
  • Combined with an external Internet Controller, SINCGARS provides the communications link for the Digitized Force.
  • Designed to be easily maintained, SINCGARS is available in handheld, mounted, and airborne radio form factors, and is fielded within the R/T-1523 radios, as well as instantiated as a waveform mode in Rifleman and Manpack radios.
  • The family of SINCGARS radios in the field exceeds 500,000.
  • The SINCGARS Crypto Modernization effort requires all communication systems using the existing algorithm be modernized, HHQII, and V/UHF LOS communication systems.