Product Management Waveforms (PdM Waveforms) delivers, maintains and upgrades portable, interoperable, mobile ad hoc networking waveforms and network enterprise services to enhance tactical warfighting capabilities.

PdM Waveforms provides the Integrated Tactical Networking Environment (ITNE) with a suite of waveforms and network services that are: interoperable (used by all Services); capable of operating on a variety of hardware platforms, including Program of Record (POR) and Non-Developmental Item (NDI) commercial radios; secure (meet all Department of Defense and U.S. government information assurance requirements); operationally relevant (quickly and effectively meet evolving network and mission requirements for Combatant Commanders and the Services); and affordable (drive down procurement and support costs via a robust, competitive market, which adheres to open government standards).


  • Information Repository with 14 legacy waveforms (POR and NDI vendor access)
  • Provides two networking waveforms (Soldier Radio Waveform and Wideband Networking Waveform)
  • Enterprise Over the Air Management
  • Networking waveforms and radio Operating Environment applications can be upgraded in the field and do not require purchasing new hardware
  • Waveforms support high data rate wireless networking with the Global Information Grid and provide secure, cyber-hardened communications for Warfighters at the tactical edge

Last Updated: March 6, 2017