Project Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (PM WIN-T) delivers an extensive tailorable suite of integrated tactical network communication and network/cyber management capabilities to support today’s complex Joint, Coalition and Civil missions worldwide. Armed with an innovative “ONE NETWORK” vision, PM WIN-T provides an agile, modular “tool kit” of unified network capability to enable Commanders to best support their missions at every stage of operations, from home station to early entry, to the furthest edge of the battlefield.

WIN-T is the Army’s tactical communications network backbone that enables mission command and secure reliable voice, video and data communications anytime, anywhere. Leveraging both satellite and line-of-sight capabilities for optimum efficiency, effectiveness and operational flexibility, the WIN-T network provides the data "pipe" that other communication and mission command systems need to connect into in order to operate. With WIN-T, Commanders and Soldiers can leverage mission command applications at any location, from traditional command posts, to network-equipped vehicles crossing the battlefield, even from the belly of C17 aircraft en route to an objective. Connected to the WIN-T network, Soldiers at every echelon are continually backed by the strength and expertise of the entire force and are armed with the mission command capabilities needed to defeat increasingly capable adversaries in today’s complex world.


The PM WIN-T Team develops, fields and supports ONE TACTICAL NETWORK. It provides an integrated, interoperable single network that is modular and flexible in design, supportable, trusted by the user and presents a common user experience.

To meet the Army’s strategic priorities for readiness, responsiveness and regional engagement, ongoing capability advancements in the WIN-T programs are holistically improving simplicity, mobility, modularity and agility. The program’s advanced communications capabilities enable scalable expeditionary networking and directly supports the Army’s goal for uninterrupted mission command at every stage of the Joint operational spectrum.

Last Updated: March 6, 2017