WIN-T Increment 1: ACUS MOD


Area Common User System Modernization (ACUS MOD) provides planned network upgrades through technology insertions into the current force to support the Army’s current WIN-T Increment 1 force modernization efforts. It includes increased network services and management, information assurance, enhanced reach-back and increased transport speed and bandwidth required to support the Soldier’s increasing need for high-speed data, voice, video and imagery through the recapitalization of current force systems.

ACUS MOD provides Internet network management capabilities, as well as integrated voice, video and data services. It also provides for beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) transmission capability. ACUS MOD provides increased situational awareness to unit commanders, improved throughput and joint and coalition interoperability at battalion and above. It also implements commercial-based technology insertions into the current force for smooth technology upgrades.


  • The Single Shelter Switch (SSS), designed for rapid deployment and small footprint, provides “first in” capability and is the building block for network expansion. The SSS provides communication officer (S6) functionality in a single vehicle shelter.
  • The High Capacity Line Of Sight (HCLOS) radio, an integral part of WIN-T Increment 1, replaces the existing AN/GRC- 226 radios in the AN/TRC-190 LOS family. The HCLOS radio upgrade provides improved data rates required to transport the increased volume of data on the digital battlefield.
  • Battlefield Video Teleconference (BVTC) provides the commander with access to accurate, timely situational information and is interoperable with the existing communication Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure across a multi-platform backbone network. The BVTC will also assist the commander in coordinating and interacting with different echelons and adjacent units.
  • The Tropospheric Scatter (TROPO) Radio, AN/ TRC-170(V)3 provides BLOS communications, reduces SATCOM demands and offers an alternative long-haul communications method. It provides greater distance and bandwidth than the LOS terminals found in tactical theater signal battalions.
  • Tactical Network Operations (NetOps) Management System (TNMS) is a scalable, modular NetOps capability that operates on multiple client or server platforms. The TNMS will facilitate decision making necessary to quickly identify network problems, shift resources, change configurations and coordinate the management of the critical network infrastructure supporting mission command functions.

Last Updated: November 13, 2015