PM WIN-T - Project Manager Warfighter Information Network - Tactical



Area Common User System Modernization (ACUS MOD) provides planned network upgrades to support the Army's transformation through technology insertion into the current force and Stryker brigade combat teams. It includes increased network services and management, information assurance, enhanced reach-back, and increased transport speed and bandwidth required to support the Soldier’s increasing need for high-speed data, voice, video, and imagery by the recapitalization of current force systems.


ACUS MOD supports network upgrades for the Army's transformation to the current force, including secure wireless communications between Soldier's vehicles. It provides Internet network management capabilities, as well as integrated voice video and data services. It also allows for beyond-line-of-sight transmission capability, which enables Soldiers to communicate with one another from separate physical locations.


  • Increased situational awareness to unit commanders
  • Improved throughput and Joint interoperability
  • Implements commercial-based technology insertions into the Current Force
  • High Capacity Line of Sight (HCLOS) radio upgrades to Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 1 units
  • Extends selected network capabilities to the battalion level
  • Deployment orders to fire support radars
  • Secure wireless connections both between and within tactical operations centers and command posts
  • S6 functionality into a single vehicle shelter