PM WIN-T - Project Manager Warfighter Information Network - Tactical



Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) is the Army's current and future tactical communications network backbone that provides seamless, assured, mobile communications for the Soldier along with advanced network management tools to support implementation of a commander's intent and priorities – incrementally. WIN-T Increment 1, formerly known as the “Joint Network Node Network,” began fielding in 2004 and provides networking at-the-quick-halt capability down to battalion level, with a follow-on enhanced networking upgrade, referred to as the “Colorless Core Upgrade,” underway to improve the efficiency and security of the network. WIN-T Increment 1 components reside at the theater, corps, division, brigade and battalion level and in August 2012 completed fielding to 100% of the units identified to receive the system.


Similar to a home Internet connection, WIN-T Increment 1 provides a full range of data, voice and video communications at-the-quick-halt, allowing Soldiers to simply pull over on the side of the road to communicate without wasting valuable time setting up complicated infrastructure. WIN-T Increment 1a upgrades allow the former Joint Network Node (JNN) satellite capability to access the Ka-band defense Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites, reducing reliance on expensive commercial Ku-band satellites. The new WIN-T Increment 1 Colorless Core upgrade enhances the security and interoperability with future WIN-T Increments; takes advantage of the Network Centric Waveform, a dynamic waveform that optimizes bandwidth and satellite utilization; and allows WIN-T Increment 1 and Increment 2 to share the same baseline set of Network Operations tools used by communications officers to manage the network.


  • A Joint compatible communications package that provides satellite communications and advanced networking capabilities to the Soldier
  • Communications at-the-quick-halt
  • Interoperable with all current and future WIN-T Increments
  • Provides interface to legacy systems
  • Supports modularity by allowing a brigade combat team to have self-sustaining reach-back communications
  • Provides Internet infrastructure connectivity directly to the battalion level and above
  • Allows independent deployment of command posts and centers constrained by line-of-sight radio ranges
  • Connects the Soldier to the Global Information Grid /Defense Information Systems Network
  • Transitions Army networks from proprietary protocols to Everything Over Internet Protocol
  • Incorporates WIN-T Increment 2 technical insertions for improved capability