PM WIN-T - Project Manager Warfighter Information Network - Tactical



The tactical network remains the Army’s highest modernization priority, and Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 2 is currently the Army’s primary tactical network modernization program. WIN-T Increment 2 provides a single integrated tactical network program leveraging proven commercial and government technology. WIN-T Increment 2 provides the initial on-the-move capability and a mobile infrastructure. It also will enable network mobility by employing military and commercial satellite connectivity and line-of-sight (terrestrial) radios and antennas to achieve end-to-end connectivity and dynamic networking operations. WIN-T Increment 2 extends the network to company level for maneuver brigades for the first time.


WIN-T Increment 2 supports operations while on-the-move and pushes that integrated on-the-move capability down to the company level for the first time. It also introduces networking radios and enhances Network Operations (NetOps) for network planning and monitoring. Tactical Communication Nodes (TCNs) in WIN-T Increment 2 are the first step to providing a mobile infrastructure on the battlefield. When the TCNs are combined with the Points of Presence, Vehicle Wireless Packages, and Soldier Network Extensions, WIN-T Increment 2 enables mobile mission command from division to company in a mobile, ad-hoc, self-forming, self-healing network. WIN-T Increment 2 embeds communications equipment into select combat vehicles, bringing Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) connectivity to the platform. WIN-T equipped staffs have the ability to maneuver on the battlefield and maintain connectivity to the network to ensure situational awareness and maintain command and control of forces. With WIN-T Increment 2, Soldiers can utilize applications for maneuver, fires and intelligence from inside vehicles, enabling commanders  to make decisions on-the-move rather than being tied down to a fixed command post and ensuring effective and unpredictable offensive and defensive operations.

WIN-T Increment 2 began fielding in October 2012 and is deploying as the backbone of Capability Set 13. The total Army will ultimately be equipped with a combination of WIN-T Increments (Increment 1, 2 or 3) best suited to meet mission and need.


  • Supports initial collaboration, mission planning and rehearsal, and for the first time introduces mobility to the network.
  • Brings a mobile network infrastructure, which means the network stays connected while moving.
  • Extends the network down to company level.
  • Introduces networking radios and enhances Network Operations (NetOps) for network planning and monitoring.