Project Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (PM WIN-T) designs, acquires, fields and supports fully integrated, easy to operate and cost effective tactical networks, equipment and services to meet the needs of Soldiers in current and future operations. The PM WIN-T program office incrementally develops and delivers products that significantly increase tactical communications capability, while simplifying the utilization and management of the network. To meet the Army’s strategic priorities for readiness, responsiveness and regional engagement, ongoing capability advancements in the WIN-T programs are improving mobility, modularity and agility.


PM WIN-T provides the communications transport network (satellite and terrestrial) and services that allow the Soldier to send and receive information to execute the mission. Information is the element of combat power that allows commanders to magnify the effects of maneuver, firepower and protection. WIN-T is the transformational command and control system that manages tactical information transport at theater through company echelons in support of full spectrum Army operations worldwide.

Last Updated: August 13, 2015