WIN-T Increment 1: RHN


Regional Hub Nodes (RHNs) are transport nodes for Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T). Strategically located at five Department of Defense “STEP” locations globally, they enable the Army’s ability to project forces anywhere in the world in support of contingency operations, disaster relief or National emergency response.


RHNs use satellite communications capabilities to enable regionalized reach-back to the Army’s global voice and data network. The RHNs operate “in sanctuary,” or out of the fight zone, and were designed to provide early access to the Global Information Grid (GIG) for initial entry forces as well as a theater point of entry to the GIG for Army units assigned to any particular region. RHNs give the Soldier in the field immediate access to secure and non-secure internet and voice communications anywhere in the globe. To provide tactical users with secure, reliable connectivity worldwide, the Army has positioned RHNs in five separate strategic regions: Continental United States (CONUS) East and CONUS West, Central Command, European Command and Pacific Command.


  • Currently used by both deployed Marine Corps and Army units
  • Uses both commercial and military satellite bands, and is “plug and play” to accept additional military transmissions systems
  • “Customizable:” contains spare racks to support unit equipment specific to their mission set
  • Contains full Network Operations capabilities for network monitoring, management and trends analysis, as well as information assurance tools

Last Updated: August 13, 2015