Satellite Communications: SICPS


The Standardized Integrated Command Post System (SICPS), managed by Product Support Manager Command Post Systems and Integration, provides commanders with integrated Command Post (CP) capability including all supporting equipment and tools to enhance the mission command decision making process across all phases of the operation. SICPS provides fully integrated, digitized and interoperable tactical operations centers for use by joint, interagency and multinational forces and civilian crisis management teams. It includes legacy CPs, Command Post Platforms, shelters, common shelters and fixed CP facilities.


SICPS consists of the integration of approved and fielded mission command and other C4ISR systems technology into platforms supporting the operational needs of the current heavy, light and Stryker brigade combat team forces. SICPS consists of various systems, specifically the Command Post Platform, which includes the Command Post Local Area Network and Command Post Communications System; the Command Center System; and the Trailer Mounted Support System (TMSS).


  • Standard, mobile, interoperable, and network centric
  • Fully integrated mission command systems, communications equipment, local area networks (LAN) and intercom systems into a standard Army platform
  • TMSS includes Army standard family of shelters, environmental control unit and power generation
  • Connectivity to the tactical Internet
  • Displays the common operational picture to combined and joint/coalition mission command nodes
  • Integrates satellite communications and secure wireless LAN capabilities

Last Updated: August 13, 2015