PM WIN-T - Project Manager Warfighter Information Network - Tactical



Secure, Mobile, Anti-Jam, Reliable, Tactical – Terminal (SMART-T) makes it possible for units to extend the range of their network in such a manner that communications cannot be jammed, detected or intercepted; sending text, data, voice and video communications beyond their area of operations without worrying that the information will fall into the hands of enemy forces. SMART-T is the Army’s protected satellite communications system that enables commanders at brigade and higher to continue communications operations immediately following an electro-magnetic pulse event.


SMART-T provides tactical commanders with secure, survivable, anti-jam, satellite communications in a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) configuration. Soldiers can use the system to communicate at Extremely High Frequency (EHF) and process data and voice communications at both low and medium EHF data rates. SMART-Ts are being modified to communicate over Advanced EHF (AEHF) satellite, which significantly increases data rates for future tactical communications networks.


  • Interoperable with AEHF satellite constellation
  • Enhanced system interfaces
  • Provides Low and Medium Data Rate (LDR/MDR) capability for voice and data transmission
  • Interoperable with MILSTAR, UHF Follow-On, EHF MIL-STD 1582D and MIL-STD 188-136 compatible payloads
  • Provides anti-jam and anti-scintillation (nuclear environment) communications