Who We Are

Major General Anthony W. Potts

Program Executive Officer

Major General Anthony W. Potts

Headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T) develops, acquires, fields and supports the Army’s tactical network, a critical modernization priority. PEO C3T delivers the hardware and software required to provide Army formations with an expeditionary, mobile, simple to use and hardened tactical network.

PEO C3T is supporting the Army’s new network modernization strategy with a commitment  to deliver a tactical network that ensures the Army, with Unified Action partners, can prepare for war and fight and win against any adversary in the most challenging contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum and cyber environments. The end-to-end tactical modernization approach is designed to integrate unified network transport, shared data and services including the servers and hardware, and a set of applications and network management tools built upon a common, open, and modular soft- ware framework.

PEO C3T manages 45 key acquisition programs executing more than $2 billion annually with a workforce of more than 1600 employees. The organization provides operational units with radios, computers, servers, apps, and other hardware and software required for their missions, while also integrating those systems to function as cohesive capability sets. In FY20, the PEO modernized 167 Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard units with updated network technology. Units included Brigade Combat Teams, Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs) and signal, logistics, aviation and support elements.

Centered upon the proven industry practice of developmental operations (DevOps), the modernization strategy is placing developers side-by-side with Soldiers and commanders in operational units. DevOps enables the Army to evaluate potential technology concepts and solutions earlier and more frequently, incorporating real-time operational feedback and generating requirements that enable and empower innovation. PEO C3T continues to use the DevOps construct to better assess the baseline tactical network, introduce new network enhancement alternatives and gather Soldier-informed feedback and technical data.