Common Hardware Systems


Product Lead Common Hardware Systems (PdL CHS) enables the Army's Operating Force by providing a holistic approach to acquiring common hardware across the battle space, utilizing the most effective and efficient means to meet the unique fielding requirements of tactical program offices. CHS coordinates across tactical programs to provide consolidated procurement and support the sustainment of modified commercial information technology and to ensure configuration and obsolescence management. CHS partners with industry to examine new and emerging technologies that meet the operational need.


  • Commercial IT Hardware: Executes hardware procurements for the Army to support tactical requirements for modified, and ruggedized Commercial IT configurations
  • System Engineering and Design: Provides engineering support from defining the initial requirements through design reviews, testing, and into sustainment
  • Hardware Evaluations: Facilitate and simplify the selection of common hardware solutions across over 120 Army programs and agencies.
  • Configuration Management: Enabling programs to procure the exact same configuration down to the firmware and BIOS level over multiple buys to reduce the number of baselines fielded to Army units and avoid retesting of hardware
  • Obsolescence Management: Advance notice and replacement of items going end of sale to allow seamless transition and to ensure uninterrupted fielding
  • Total Life Cycle Systems Management Support: Provide customized warranty options and support services to meet Army requirements in CONUS or OCONUS
  • Web-Based Customer Portal: Intuitive and customer driven interface to initiate and track customer requirements, orders, and deliveries

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