Tactical Cyber and Network Operations


Product Manager Tactical Cyber and Network Operations (PdM TCNO) delivers enhanced integrated/interoperable/standardized Cyber and Network Operations (NetOps) software packages. These tools make it easier for Signal Soldiers (S6/G6) from the tactical edge up through Corps to plan, configure, manage, monitor, control and secure/defend their tactical network assets -- key to supporting a leaner and more agile future force. Newly enhanced and simplified NetOps/Cyber tools increase visibility across the network and its systems and increase the automation of tools and reporting, making it easier for communications officers to manage the Army’s extensive tactical network.

Current and future NetOps and Cyber enhancements will be delivered as technical insertions to the Army’s tactical network transport equipment.

TCNO’s network and cyber management capabilities meet and support the Army’s goals for Common Operating Environment (COE) interoperability, as well as network and NetOps convergence across the Army.