Tactical Network Initialization and Configuration


Product Lead Tactical Network Initialization and Configuration (PdL TNIC) works with stakeholders across the DoD to ensure that systems are integrated into Unit formations and conform to Army policies. TNIC provides subject matter expertise in two primary areas: Tactical Network Engineering/Integration and application layer Command & Control (C2) systems integration, which enable seamless initialization of unit systems and platforms on the network. TNIC serves as an advisor to the Army, providing a holistic view of the tactical network by supporting cross-functional synchronization among the many individual program offices.


Network Initialization

  • TNIC supports ALL PMs/Systems that make up the Tactical Army Network through deconflicted IP Addressing schemas, telephony numbering plans, and network device configurations to ensure System of Systems Communications and Interoperability. Without PdL TNIC products and services, these systems would not provide/receive services immediately upon TOC setup, thus preventing a “plug and play” capability.

C2 Application

  • Maximize Data Product production process efficiencies
    • Continue to Refine In-house production processes and controls
    • Enhance and maintain the Automated Initialization Management (AIM) production tool
  • Minimize the frequency and need for pre-configured static data products.
    • Continue to enhance and field Initialization Tool Suite (ITS) capabilities which enables the Warfighter to make additions, deletions and modifications to their data products to accommodate mission specific requirements.