Mission Command Cyber


Mission Command Cyber (MC Cyber) designs, develops and deploys cyber capabilities to the Army to establish cyber operational overmatch. MC Cyber delivers capabilities to corps and brigades at the tactical edge that allow warfighters to understand and depict cyberspace while defending friendly key cyber terrain.

MC Cyber’s agile acquisition and integration processes achieve both near- and long-term capability development to ensure dominance in the cyber battlefield.


  • Tactical Defensive (Cyber Operations) Infrastructure (TDI): Cyberspace defenders have the need to locally and remotely protect friendly tactical cyber terrain, maneuver in and across tactical enclaves, and counter cyber adversaries to ensure the reliability of critical tasks and services. TDI addresses this need by pre-positioning DCO tools onto dedicated computer and storage resources residing at echelons corps and below. The TDI system is physically and logistically converged with the Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSI) to minimize size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements in a tactical operations center (TOC) or tactical command post (TAC).
  • Cyber Situational Understanding: Cyber SU will ingest, normalize, correlate, and analyze disparate data from multiple Army programs of record (PORs) within an Army Tactical Command Post, including Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE), Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A), Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT), TDI, and Tactical Network (TN). Cyber SU provides tactical commander’s a depiction of the cyber domain as it relates to current operations, Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) planning, and an understanding of how cyberspace operations impact their mission.
  • Tactical Digital Media: Public Affairs (PA) teams are often dispatched with combat patrols and small units that deploy to remote locations. Tactical Digital Media (TDM) kits allow these teams to gather, process and deliver audio files, digital imagery and visual media in austere environments with cameras and video equipment, laptops, night-vision devices and audio gear. TDM aids globally deployed Combat Camera (COMCAM) teams, PA detachments and Military Information Support and Operation (MISO) teams operating from TCPs, forward operating bases (FOBs), combat outposts and forward deployed combat patrols.