Mounted Mission Command


Mounted Mission Command (MMC) will provide a common set of applications and services as part of the Army’s Common Operating Environment (COE) to enable mission command on ground platforms. MMC will enable modular and scalable solutions allowing for the convergence of current software systems and the agile development and certification of new on-the-move capabilities.

As one of six computing environments that make up the Army-wide COE, MMC embraces a commercially based set of standards, a common understanding of data, and a common map to enable integrated applications for development by government and industry partners. MMC will provide data services that work on the Army’s tactical radio networks and network-aware services that enable mission command data to flow throughout the disadvantaged, intermittent and latent network environments among dismounted Soldiers, vehicles and command posts.

MMC uses the same infrastructure as the Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE) and integrates it onto the Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS), along with the Android operating system framework for applications hosting and simplified user experience. This approach enables tech-savvy Soldiers to rapidly learn and become proficient on MMC applications with minimal training. It will also improve interoperability with command posts and reduce duplication and complexity of software development and configuration management for both MMC and CPCE applications. MMC applications will work seamlessly with the CPCE applications, similar to how commercial programs are integrated across standard computers, tablet and smartphones. MMC will be fully compatible with existing platform-based systems while improving upon the cyber posture and being extensible to meet evolving enemy threats. MMC infrastructure will provide a framework that will allow seamless integration of other third-party applications.


  • Provides operating systems, common applications, software development kits, and standards to implement mission command
  • Establishes secure applications that are interoperable with existing mission command systems and allows seamless information exchange across all echelons for a complete situational awareness picture down to the tactical edge
  • Provides a Software Development Kit (SDK)/Framework that allows for seamless integration of third-party applications built by other programs of record (PoRs) and contractors
  • Enables mission command on-the-move by providing an environment for an integrated suite of platform-based mission command applications and services
  • Eliminates redundant hardware, streamlines product development and consolidates capabilities
  • Optimized for use on the existing MFoCS
  • Provides standard interfaces to meet the Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY) technical specifications