Implementing a unified “One Network” vision, Project Manager Tactical Network designs, modernizes, fields and supports the U.S. Army’s continually evolving tactical network transport and networking capabilities. The systems in the portfolio enable integrated global mission command, and voice, video and data exchange -- from home station to the tactical edge of the battlefield -- in support of Army, joint and coalition multi-domain operations. These network transport technologies enable the data-centric network environment that commanders need to retain decision dominance and ensure success on the battlefield against near-peer adversaries.


Project Manager Tactical Network is working closely with Army stakeholders to enable Soldiers to successfully operate and exchange critical data in limited, contested and distributed network environments with increasing network resiliency and security. Together this team-of-teams is delivering transport agnostic capabilities that can leverage all possible communications pathways, satellite orbits, frequency bands and terrestrial communications, with automated Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency (PACE) plan capabilities that are seamless to the Soldier.

The ability for the Army to rapidly and reliably transport data at the point of need will increase survivability, lethality, and ultimately, mission success. Project Manager Tactical Network’s continually evolving network transport technologies and capabilities are enabling commanders to make more rapid decisions -- to see first and act first – ensuring decision dominance and operational advantage against increasingly capable enemies.