Project Manager (PM) Tactical Network develops, fields and supports a continually evolving unified network that is scalable, tailorable, expeditionary, mobile, robust and resilient. This integrated “One Network” enables mission command and secure reliable voice, video and data communications from home station to the tactical edge of the battlefield, at all stages of operation, in support of coalition, joint and defense civil support missions.


The Army’s tactical network transport leverages innovative line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight capabilities for optimum efficiency, effectiveness, operational flexibility and multipath diversity. It enables mission command and robust network communication at any location without need of static infrastructure -- from Air Force C-17 aircraft enroute to an objective, to agile command posts and mobile network-equipped vehicles, to expeditionary satellite terminals at the furthest edge of the battlefield. This continually evolving suite of network transport equipment enables commanders to see first and act first, while increasing situational awareness, speed of maneuver, operational flexibility, survivability and lethality.

PM Tactical Network continues to improve the Army’s tactical network, enhancing the way the network is operated, managed and defended across all echelons and domains. Ongoing rapid acquisition efforts that leverage experimentation, system pilots, prototyping, and Soldier touch points and feedback; coupled with new system fieldings and legacy upgrades, are making the Army’s unified network more capable, secure and resilient, while making it easier to operate, train and maintain. The program office continues to deliver network modernization improvements now, while positioning and seeking out innovative network enhancements to support future capability sets.