Network Modernization: CCE


Commercial Coalition Equipment (CCE) provides expeditionary coalition or commercial network connectivity to enable mission command, network communications (voice, video, and data) and situational awareness between Army, Joint and coalition forces, in support of both military and civil operations.

CCE is core component in the Army’s Mission Partner Environment (MPE). Integrating coalition or other non-governmental organization communications unifies disparate mission partners and extends the network. Each of the coalition countries has their own unique transport networks that enable them to connect into the combined coalition network. The U.S. Army uses CCE to connect to the coalition network over its tactical communications network. This easy to transport system enables the Army to both send and receive critical situational awareness with its coalition partners and contribute to a trusted real-time common operating picture across the theater of operations.  The CCE can be rapidly reconfigured to provide secure tactical access for the coalition or commercial networks to support both civil and military operations.

CCE is a key component of the Army’s Capability Set 21 Expeditionary Signal Battalion-Enhanced network tool suite, which modernizes the Army’s legacy ESBs.

CCE continues to successfully support large multinational exercises worldwide.

CCE directly supports and is aligned with the Army Network Modernization Strategy Line Of Effort (LOE) #1 Unified Network, by providing a fully interoperable tactical network transport system to enable mission command and secure network communications. It also directly supports LOE #2 Common Operating Environment and LOE #3 Joint and Coalition Interoperability with unified action partners by directly enabling coalition interoperability and a trusted coalition common operating picture.


  • Enables communication (voice, video, and data) and mission command between U.S. and coalition force networks
  • Core component in the Mission Partner Environment (MPE)
  • Provides secure tactical access for coalition or commercial networks to support both civil and military operations
  • CCE reduces size, weight and power (SWaP) for initial entry operations and increased unit agility.
  • Supports up to 48 simultaneous users
  • Provides access to commercial Internet and phone services through the Tactical Network Regional Hub Nodes