Satellite Communications: ISA


These non-program of record Inflatable Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Antennas (ISAs) use a unique ultra-portable design that can provide high-bandwidth communications for transmissions of secure and non-secure data, voice and video, all in a compact easy to deploy package. ISAs set up rapidly to provide agile SATCOM in remote locations.

These commercial-off-the-self satellite terminals are designed to be lighter and more compact than traditional, rigid satellite dishes. Because these satellite terminals are inflatable they can provide a larger dish size, with increased capability and bandwidth efficiency, in a smaller package.


  • Rapid set up/tear down by one to two General Purpose Users
  • Light weight and highly portable for agile SATCOM
  • The 4m and 2.4m terminals are packed in up to six transit cases and the 1.2m can be deployed in two carry-on soft cases or two backpacks
  • 4m is Ku capable while the 2.4m & 1.2m terminals are C, Ku and X band capable