Satellite Communications: MICRO-VSAT


The Micro Very Small Aperture Terminal (Micro-VSAT) provides expeditionary satellite communications in remote locations. This versatile non-program of record ground satellite terminal can be operated by a single general purpose user and sets up rapidly for increased agility and mobility. Packing options include small backpacks, a single commercial aircraft overhead transit case and soft side roll aboard luggage.

Micro-VSATs provide small teams with an expeditionary satellite capability for low bandwidth communications and exchange of secure and non-secure data, voice, and video. Among the many units these systems support, micro-VSAT variants are successfully providing network communications to Security Force Assistance Brigades and the Expeditionary Signal Battalion-Enhanced, as part of their modular tactical network transport equipment packages.

Micro-VSATs directly support the Army Network Modernization Strategy Line Of Effort (LOE) #1 Unified Network; they are fully interoperable with the Army’s Tactical Network and architecture, and provide expeditionary network transport. They also support LOE #4 Command Post Mobility and Survivability, by providing an easy to deploy, quick set up/tear down communications solution to enable units to relocate rapidly, while delivering critical real-time battlefield situational awareness to keep forces safe and ensure mission success.


  • Major system components have been modularized into separable subsystems to meet customer needs and to simplify upgrades and logistics
  • Can be configured for single, dual or tri-band operation at time of delivery or through field upgrades
  • Rapid setup/teardown by one General Purpose User
  • Packaging options include small backpacks, a single-commercial aircraft compliant overhead transit case and soft side roll aboard luggage
  • Terminal operators can change frequency bands in the field without tools
  • Three variants:  V1-65cm Dish; V2-95cm Dish; V3-1.3m Dish