Network Modernization


Product Manager Network Modernization (PdM NetMod) delivers innovative expeditionary line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communications and tactical network transport capabilities that enable commanders to best support the fight at every phase of operations – from inflight to an objective, to early entry missions, to the build-up of forces across the battlefield. As the Army faces potential near peer threats, mobility is key to survivability and overmatch. These new interoperable commercial-off-the-shelf-products increase the expeditionary nature of today’s force and its ability to rapidly deploy right-sized units to the right place at the right time.

The agile capabilities in PdM NetMod’s portfolio augment and expand the Army’s tactical network transport tool kit to best suit mission requirements.  Operational requirements have pushed the need for communication capabilities lower in Army formations. PdM NetMod products will also extend the network to lower echelons via modular, scalable and interoperable nodes. This network capability suite provides significant increases in bandwidth, range and situational awareness, while reducing physical footprint and enabling a more effective and rapidly deployable force.


Product Manager Network Modernization manages numerous programs that significantly improve capability and the expeditionary nature of today’s operational force.