Network Modernization: Secure Wi-Fi


Secure Wi-Fi uses the National Security Agency-approved Commercial Solutions for Classified solution to provide secure classified and unclassified Wi-Fi to the Command Post. By going wireless, Command Post set up and tear down times is significantly reduced, for increased unit maneuverability, operational flexibility, and survivability. Logistics burden is also reduced with less cable and protective flooring needed to be transported from location to location. Soldiers can be untethered from their workstations with wireless laptops for improved collaboration. Following Command Post setup, units can turn on their Secure Wi-Fi hotspots andthe network can come up first instead of last, in minutes instead of hours, and Soldiers can stay connected longer when jumping the command post.


  • Significantly reduces Command Post setup.  Eliminates 17 boxes of expensive cable weighing hundreds of pounds.
  • Secure Wi-Fi provides agility and operational flexibility, enabling commanders and staff to stay securely connected with full situational awareness and mission command capability for the maximum amount of time possible.
  • SIPR without Encryption Hardware: National Security Agency (NSA)-approved Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) software based encryption
  • Works with commercial, non-secure Internet Protocol Router (NIPR), secure IPR (SIPR), and coalition networks.