Unified Network Capabilities and Integration


Product Lead Unified Network Capabilities and Integration (PdL UNCI) is a new office that was stood up in January 2020 to consolidate tactical network integration efforts for current, evolving and future capabilities across Project Manager Tactical Network’s portfolio and broader Army modernization efforts, all under one roof.

PdL UNCI will support the holistic integration of both line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight tactical network transport systems, including hardware such as basebands and terminals, and software such as network management systems. It will also support evolving tactical network architectures, like the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) and PEO C3T’s two-year network modernization Capability Sets (CS).

PdL UNCI is in alignment with Army Futures Command objectives and in direct support of the Army’s Modernization Strategy. Its system-of-systems network integration mission will alleviate unintentional stovepipe efforts and provide a cohesive, holistic approach to the delivery of a unified network in support of multi domain dominance.

  • Integrating Current Technologies: Some of the Army’s enduring network transport systems do not operate on the One Tactical Network framework, but on separate stove-piped networks, so they are not interoperable with other tactical network systems. Part of the PdL UNCI mission will be to modernize and integrate some of these legacy systems onto the tactical network to enable network interoperability and provide more seamless, robust and secure data flow, network operations and management. As part of this effort, PdL UNCI will manage Sustainment Tactical Network (STN) capabilities, modernization and integration into the Army’s tactical network (Phase II of Transport Convergence). Current STN systems, which transferred to PM TN from PEO EIS in October 2019, support the Army’s logistics community and run over a commercial network architecture.
  • Integrating Evolving Technologies: PdL UNCI will also work with PEO C3T to support evolving technologies, architectures and CS requirements. It will be the lead PM TN integrator for the ITN, and will also support new integration requirements for evolving network equipment packages to support evolving military formations such as Security Force Assistance Brigades and the Expeditionary Signal Battalion-Enhanced, as well as PEO C3T’s on-going biennial CS requirements.
  • Integrating Future Technologies: To retain the edge over near-peer adversaries in the technology race, the Army will never stop modernizing its tactical network. PdL UNCI will ensure future capabilities and technologies, such as Middle Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) ground satellite terminals, support a unified network from day one.