Communications Security


Product Lead Communications Security (PdL COMSEC) develops, procures, integrates, tests, fields and maintains Army general-purpose solutions, which utilize National Security Agency (NSA) cryptographic key material. PdL COMSEC-managed products protect Army communications across the globe in weapon systems, in tactical environments, and throughout the Army’s Enterprise Information Infrastructure.


  • Army Key Management Infrastructure (AKMI) provides users with an organic key generation capability and a secure, electronic key distribution means to load NSA-generated keys into End Crypto Units (ECUs).  AKMI consists of Management Client (MGC), Automated Communications Engineering Software (ACES), Next Generation Load Device (NGLD) family, and Simple Key Loader (SKL).
  • COMSEC Cryptographic Solutions (CCS) include development of the Next Generation Load Device-Medium (NGLD-M), which will replace the Simple Key Loader (SKL) and complies with NSA and Joint Chiefs-directed the modernization of COMSEC across the DoD. The NGLD-M will support stronger cryptographic keys and a more secure method of delivery than the current SKL. These cryptographic key fill devices enable a Soldier to communicate by secure phones, classified computers, and secure VTCs at SECRET, TOP SECRET and other high classification levels.
  • COMSEC Cryptographic Systems defend all echelons of the Army Network with modern cipher algorithms and incorporate Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Requirements Oversight Council-directed cryptographic standardization and network centric performance capabilities.