Communications Security


Product Lead Communications Security (PdL COMSEC) develops, procures, tests, fields and sustains COMSEC solutions that secure the Army’s Information Infrastructure (Tactical edge up through and including the Enterprise) against cyber threats that increase Soldier’s survivability and enable the Commanders Mission Command activities.

Focus Areas

AKMI provides users with an organic key generation capability and an efficient, secure, electronic key distribution means.  AKMI consists of Management Client (MGC), Automated Communications Engineering Software (ACES), Next Generation Load Device (NGLD) family and RESCUE. AKMI provides a system for distribution of COMSEC, electronic protection and SOI information from the planning level to the point of use in support of current, interim and objective force at division and brigade levels. It introduces capabilities and processes to transform operations from manual to secure automated distribution of keys and firmware directly to IA devices and End Crypto Units (ECUs).

COMSEC Cryptographic Systems defend all echelons of the Army Network with modern cipher algorithms which incorporate Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Requirements Oversight Council directed cryptographic standardization and network centric performance capabilities. This enables secure communications during peacetime, wartime and contingency operations.



  • KMI provides a means for the secure ordering, generation, production, distribution, management and auditing of electronic key over the tactical and strategic network.
  • ACES software provides a Joint tactical end-to-end planning, configuring, monitoring and management toolset for Key Management.
  • Fill Devices (SKL and NGLD) provide a secure means for distribution and storage of COMSEC material, mission data and configuration files.
  • RESCUE provides a government-developed reprogrammable cryptographic capability.

COMSEC Crypto Systems

  • Link/Trunk Encryptors Family – Multiplex & encrypt multiple signals into secure wideband data streams for fiber, cable and satellites
  • In-Line Network Encryptors Family – Provide secure data & voice over IP
  • Secure Voice Family – Provide secure voice communication through the use of security tokens and/or public key encryption
  • Commercial Solutions for Classified – Test commercial products used in layered solutions protecting classified data
  • CHIMERA [Common HAIPE Interoperable Manger for Efficient Remote Administration] for ECU management