Helicopter and Multi Mission Radios


Helicopter and Multi Mission Radios (HAMMR) encompasses the overarching Security Forces Assistance Brigades. Air to Ground Networking Information System (AGNIS), Combat Survivor Evader Radio (CSEL), High Frequency Radios (HF), Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) and all four pillars of Army Link-16 (Ground ADA, Ground Fires, Aviation, and Gateways).

Formerly Airborne, Maritime & Fixed Station (AMF), HAMMR changed its mission by terminating the Manuever and Small Airborne Networking Radio programs to become the Army’s program for the Security Forces Assistance Brigade (SFAB), and Air-Ground Networking Information System (AGNIS) missions. PM TR is also responsible for Army Link-16, HF radios, IVAS, and Combat Survivor Evader Locator radios (CSEL).



  • AGNIS is a NDI multiple-channel radio that addresses multiple capability gaps within the aviation community; specifically, data communications with ground forces.
  • Will support the latest released SINCGARS waveform on one channel and have the ability to host an Advanced Networking Waveform on the other channel(s), offering the users both a voice and data networking capability on Army Aviation platforms.
  • Will replace the current SINCGARS ARC-201D radio on Army Aviation platforms.

Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS)

  • The MIDS (Link-16) provides multiservice/NATO interoperability and SA and supports air and missile defense engagement operations.
  • Features 200-watt power amplifier enabling a range of up to 300 nautical miles
  • Provides near real-time distribution of air and missile tracks
  • Nets air defense control centers
  • Controls air/missile defense operations
  • Enables secure/jam resistant communications
  • Provides high data throughput
  • Provides time division multiple access
  • Features 300nm (Normal)/500 nm (Extended) range