Integrated Tactical Network


The ITN is not a new or separate network but rather a concept that incorporates the Army’s current tactical network environment (applications, devices, gateways, and network transport) with commercial off-the-shelf components and transport capabilities to enable communications in disconnected, intermittent, and limited bandwidth environments. ITN is comprised of an integrated set of Leader Radios with advanced networking waveforms, gateways, Link-16 radios, small aperture satellite terminals, servers, applications and associated ancillary devices. These commercial components and current network systems offer commanders multipath communications diversity and will interoperate with current network systems. ITN aligns with the Army’s Unified Network Transport Level of Effort.


  • Operates in both a Secret and a Secure but Unclassified Network environment to allow data to be categorized in accordance with its classification and to enable greater information sharing with partner nations
  • Simplifies training, set-up, and employment of the network
  • Enables use of alternate transport including 4G/LTE
  • Interoperates with current network systems to enable mission command systems used in command posts and on platforms.