Product Manager Waveforms (PdM Waveforms) provides and sustains mobile and ad hoc networks and enterprise services to enhance tactical warfighting capabilities to enable Army tactical radios platforms to transmit voice and data across the battlespace.


  • SINCGARS waveform, currently under a modernization effort as part of the NSA DoD Modernization Effort, provides warfighting commanders and troops with a highly reliable and secure voice and data handling capability in support of command and control operations. It Is integrated in ground and aviation platforms including the HMS PRC-158 and PRC-162 MP; PRC 148 and PRC 163 LR; RT-1523 series, PRC-152 series, and  PRC-117 series. The new SINCGARS waveform will include frequency hopping capabilities for use in mounted vehicle radios and the portable Manpack radio to securely transmit data within contested environments.
  • Combat Net Radio is a single-channel ground and airborne radio system for fire and air defense control and will replace the SINCGARS radio.
  • WREN waveform enhances network scalability, increases communication range, reduces spectrum footprint, and hardens Electronic Warfare (EW) protection.  Two modes will address the Army’s existing and future Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) networking problems: WREN TSM provides spectrum supportability and point-to-point range of 3-5km.  WREN-NB provides enhanced electronic protection and spectrum supportability for operations in contested and congested environments up to ~15km.
  • enterprise Over The Air Management (eOTAM) is an Application Programming Interface (API) framework and radio service that simplifies network management and enables secure over the air monitoring and remote re-provisioning.