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Tactical Cyber and Network Operations

Product Manager Tactical Cyber and Network Operations (PdM TCNO) delivers integrated, interoperable, and standardized Cyber and Network Operations (NetOps) software tools to the Warfighter.

These tools enable Signal Soldiers (S6/G6) from the tactical edge up through Corps to more efficiently plan, configure, manage, monitor, control and secure their tactical network assets. Newly enhanced and simplified NetOps/Cyber tools increase visibility across the network and its systems and increase the automation of tools and reporting, making it easier to operationalize the Army’s extensive tactical network.

Leveraging new acquisition pathways, future NetOps and Cyber enhancements will be delivered as technical insertions to the Army’s tactical network transport equipment.


Unified Network Operations (UNO): The Unified Network Operations (UNO) program is a key enabler for an integrated network common operational picture and a zero-trust security architecture.

UNO is foundational to Army network modernization efforts that enhance network security, resiliency, and data exchange, and to the service’s Unified Network vision -- which integrates and converges enterprise and tactical networks as found in the Army Data Plan and Unified Network Plan.

UNO’s initial integrated suite of software applications will integrate existing network operation tools into a simplified user-friendly capability, enabling Signal Soldiers to plan, manage, monitor, configure, and secure the Army’s Unified Network more efficiently.

Utilizing an agile development process, the initial suite of software applications will continuously be updated to stay current with Soldiers operational requirement.

By simplifying the network management and monitoring applications and tools, the user experience will improve, network situational awareness will increase, and the networks cyber security posture will be greatly enhanced by employing fine-grain access control to network systems. UNO program is moving toward a singular simple intuitive user interface, where Soldiers will be able to conduct endpoint management at a single device that can reach out to all their unit’s different network nodes. This will significantly enhance the Warfighters ability to plan, monitor, and defend the network in a more effective and efficient way.

As the UNO program of record (PoR) matures in fiscal year 2024, future capability will further support key Army modernization efforts that will streamline strategic and installation network operations and enhance security and data exchange through Identity Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM). UNO’s ICAM software will play a major role in the Army’s zero trust security architecture and attribute-based data access and exchange, which will require users to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture to access applications and data.

Looking forward, UNO will also further reduce technical complexity at the edge by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to simplify operational tasks while providing tailorable and scalable capabilities at the appropriate echelon.

PdM TCNO also manages the Ruggedized Applications Platform -Tactical Radios (RAP-TR) program, which is an ACAT III program. RAP-TR combines several software applications to a single tactical network management tool to plan, configure, load, and monitor legacy waveforms and advanced networking waveforms in current and future tactical radios. This ruggedized commercial hardware platform hosts multiple NetOps applications that support the Army’s Secure-But-Unclassified (SBU) and Classified Lower Tactical Network. RAP-TR was fielded to the first unit in FY22.