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Mission Network

Product Manager Mission Network delivers robust At The Halt (ATH) and On The Move (OTM) Tactical Network Transport (TNT) equipment and networking capabilities that support the Army’s upper tier tactical (UTT) network. This equipment enables mission command and the full range of voice, video, and data exchange that Soldiers and commanders need to be successful in multi-domain operations against sophisticated adversaries. Capability is both transit-case based and/or integrated on a variety of tactical vehicles to best suit unit and mission requirements. These capabilities leverage robust commercial and military satellite communications (SATCOM) and high-capacity line-of-sight capability under a unified network transport design and network management. The networking capabilities in the Product Manager Mission Network portfolio keep highly mobile and dispersed forces connected to one another and to the Army’s global information network.

Aligning with the Army’s network modernization two-year iterative Capability Set design, acquisition and fielding process, PdM Mission Network continues to improve network transport solutions, increasing capability, resiliency, security, network management, maneuverability and operational flexibility. The product office balances new capabilities against the existing network design to ensure the entire tactical network is unified, resilient, expeditionary, and secure.

The Army is holistically modernizing and expanding capability across the entire tactical network program portfolio. These improvements are more than just size, weight and power (SWaP) reductions, they reduce system complexity to make the systems easier to operate and maintain, while increasing resiliency and security, providing the advanced capability needed to help the Army retain advantage against peer and near peer threats.


Product Manager Mission Network manages the At The Halt and On The Move Tactical Network Transport equipment and capabilities to effectively support the requirements of the Army’s wide variety of missions, units and locations.