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Communications Security

COMSEC develops, procures, integrates, tests, fields and maintains Army general-purpose solutions, which utilize National Security Agency (NSA) cryptographic key material. COMSEC-managed products protect Army communications across the globe in weapon systems, in tactical environments, and throughout the Army’s Enterprise Information Infrastructure.


  • Cryptographic Mission Planner: Provides ACES crypto network planning; generates Signal Operating Instructions; creates COMSEC key tags.
  • COMSEC Load Devices: NGLD-Small, SKL and in the future NGLD-M transfer mission critical cryptographic keys fill into ECU devices and tactical radios.
  • Secure High Assurance Inline Encryption (INE) Link Device: COMSEC Cryptographic Systems are comprised of INEs, which secure the Army’s data and voice communication networks. INE encryption devices include inline network and inline media, link and trunk, secure voice, and commercial solutions for classified communications.