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Mission Partner Environment

To support Multi-Domain Operations, the U.S. Army works side-by-side with coalition forces in a Mission Partner Environment, or MPE. In this coalition network environment, data is fluidly exchanged between interoperable systems so forces can contribute to a common operational picture from which commanders can make informed rapid decisions.

Commercial Coalition Equipment (CCE) is a core component of an MPE. It provides expeditionary coalition or commercial network connectivity to enable mission command, network communications -- voice, video, and data -- and situational awareness between Army, joint and coalition forces. Each of the coalition countries has their own unique transport networks that enable them to connect into the combined coalition network. The U.S. Army uses CCE to connect to the coalition network over its tactical communications network. This easy-to-transport system enables the Army to both send and receive select critical situational awareness with its coalition partners and contribute to a trusted real-time common operating picture across the theater of operations. The CCE can be rapidly reconfigured to provide secure tactical access for the coalition or commercial networks, to support both civil and military operations.

  • CCEv2: connects multiple voice networks to radio nets so that key personnel not ordinarily a part of the radio network can join without requiring a radio.
  • CCEv4: is designed to enable U.S. Army forces to implement MPE interoperability concepts for information exchange and rapid technical integration with NATO and coalition partners. Leveraging an innovative small form factor technology design, the integrated radio-bridging and voice-cross Land and Mobile Radio (LMR) module enables CCEv4 to establish multination radio information exchanges between telephones, combat FMZ networks, and voice applications in support of MPE command and control operations.
  • U.S. Army Soldiers and coalition partners use the Common Services-Hub (CS-Hub) -- comprised of a CCE variant and the Tactical Server Infrastructure (TSI) -- to host mission partner enterprise services, such as email, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), file sharing, chat and video teleconferencing. The TSI is comprised of ruggedized laptops that function as servers and host a variety of battle command applications.


  • Enables voice, video, and data communications and mission command between U.S. and coalition force networks
  • Core components of an interoperable Mission Partner Environment
  • Provides secure tactical access for coalition or commercial networks to support both civil and military operations
  • CCE reduces size, weight and power (SWaP) for initial entry operations and increased unit agility.
  • Provides access to commercial internet and phone services through the Tactical Network Regional Hub Node
  • Enables mission partner enterprise services, such as email, VoiP, file sharing, chat and video teleconferencing