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Helicopter and Multi Mission Radios

Product Manager Helicopter and Multi Mission Radios (HAMMR) procures tactical communication enhancement equipment, ancillaries, and related services in support of the Army’s Unified Network Plan. PdM HAMMR capabilities provide air-ground interoperability between maneuver ground forces and aviation and is the Army’s program for the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) concept, tactical radio Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) procurement, fielding, and sustainment. HAMMR radio products include all Army Link-16 radios (Ground ADA, Ground Fires, Aviation, and Gateways).




The ITN injects new commercial components and network transport capabilities to lower echelons for capability sets within the Army’s tactical network environment. The Army fielded ITN Capability Set 21 to seven infantry brigade combat teams and a partial fielding to one Stryker regiment. . ITN Capability Set 23 is underway to the entire Stryker regiment, plus one infantry brigade combat team, with multiple brigade combat teams and divisions as a unit of action planned for FY23 and FY24.

High Frequency (HF) Radios:
  • Modernized HF radios support the Army’s Class II Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) for ground-based HF requirements to replace the Army’s current PRC-150 HF ground-based radio with the new PRC-160 HF Radio.
  • The PRC-160 meets new NSA crypto-modernization standards, transmits data 10 times faster than the existing HF radio and is the smallest, lightest and fastest HF Manpack radio systems available. modernization challenges found with the Army’s current PRC-150 HF ground-based radio.

Air Ground Networking Radio (AGNR):

Air Ground Networking Radio (AGNR) uses Program of Record ground radios and a federated integration approach that will allow aviation to keep pace with technological changes on the ground to enable Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Force Packages by FY28.

  • ANGR maintains air-ground interoperability between maneuver ground forces and Aviation. AGNR will provide commanders enhanced situational awareness and Mission Command to provide a more responsive means of directing aircraft to match changing maneuver forces.

Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS):

MIDS Low Volume Terminal (LVT) (2/11) is the DoD’s primary Link 16 tactical data link network, which provides interoperability, situational awareness and support for air and missile defense operations at division through corps

  • MIDS Joint Tactical Radio System (Ground Variant builds upon and will ultimately displace MIDS LVT with a software defined radio solution that introduces modernized Link16 networking.

Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) Radio:

CSEL provides aircrews with end-to-end global satellite secure emergency communication capability during combat and peace-time flying operations. The Next Generation Survival Radio (NGSR) CSEL will provide the current CSEL radio capabilities in a smaller, handheld form factor.