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Tactical Network Initialization and Configuration

Tactical Network Initialization and Configuration (TNIC) rapidly delivers relevant network initialization products and solutions to the warfighter in support of evolving Army directives. Data Products are a collection of mission data required to initialize the tactical network and command and control (C2) applications. This data includes the information required to enable end-to-end network-centric connectivity and interoperability across the tactical internet (TI), such as internet protocol (IP) addressing, unit reference numbers (URNs), router, switch and firewall configurations, and more. Data Products are used to instantiate the digital systems. Once loaded, they populate look-up tables and local databases, and are expected to be maintained within the runtime operational environment by the systems utilizing the data or by the network manager responsible for that system.

The information within Data Products is used to populate address books; create default message lists; determine communication protocols between systems; and determine how a system processes and handles information from another system. Every PM that touches the tactical network needs Data Products to establish the network layer and enable binary messaging protocols, such as Variable Message Format (VMF) and United States Message Text Format (USMTF) in support of the common operating picture (COP), situational awareness (SA) and command and control (C2) messages for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C5ISR) applications. All systems internal and external to PEO C3T who meet these criteria need Data Products.


  • Command Control/Application (C2/Apps) Initialization: Provides critical component that enables system-of-system interoperability for software applications that would otherwise be incompatible; assigns, manages and deconflicts Unit Reference Numbers (URN); generates address books, LDIFs and other application specific data bases as required.
  • Initialization Tool Suite (ITS): A capability fielded to units that allows them to add, modify and delete data in their fielded data products to ensure the digital architecture is configured optimally to support the mission as it evolves through the phases of operation.
  • Network Initialization: Provides critical component that enables system-of-system interoperability for the Army's tactical network; assigns, manages and deconflicts tactical Army IP address space for NIPR, SIPR, MPE and Colorless (private, public and multicast); assigns and manages autonomous system numbers (ASN), Global Block Numbering Plans and telephony; generation of network device configurations (i.e., router, switch and firewall) and unit specific IP plans.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns, please email usarmy.apg.peo-c3t.mbx.pm-i2s-tnic@army.mil.